Find out more about what we discuss at our senior level meetings and how we make decisions about our business.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

The role of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee is to support the Ombudsman (as Accounting Officer) and the Unitary Board in monitoring the adequacy of the Office's corporate governance and control systems.

Minutes of the Board

Our governance arrangements have changed and the Unitary Board now replaces the Executive Board.

Online Complaint Form PIA

Privacy impact assessment carried out on the website platform we use to capture data for complaints about the NHS in England.

Our consultations

The Ombudsman’s public consultations seek the views of a range of stakeholders on different aspects of her work.

Our delegation scheme

The scheme sets out activities delegated by the Ombudsman such as signing letters, payment of fees and disclosing or obtaining information.

Our responses to others’ consultations

Our responses to public consultations by other organisations are available here.

Pay Committee Terms of Reference

The role of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee is to agree pay and performance review arrangements for Executive Directors and to agree their annual individual pay awards.