We have a variety of policies and procedures covering our casework, employment and recruitment, service delivery and records management.

Information with the symbol offline next to it isn’t available on our website. You can get a copy of it by emailing foi.officer@ombudsman.org.uk. We will aim to send you the information by the latest within five working days.

We do not charge for any of the information that falls within our publication scheme.

Information and Records Management

Access to information policy

This policy sets out PHSO’s responsibility to ensure that requests for access to information held by PHSO are identified and responded to appropriately.

Information asset register

This register lists the type of information we hold and includes the officers charged with ownership as well as the systems used to manage this information.

Records management policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the effective management of PHSO’s corporate recorded information (‘records’) in accordance with all statutory and business requirements.

Retention schedule

The Retention Schedule identifies the information assets created or held by us, describes the type of asset, identifies the asset owner, the retention period for the asset and the reason for its retention.

Using our secure email service

We use an email encryption tool called Egress Switch to send and receive sensitive information. It’s not difficult to use and this page describes how it works.


Complex Health Investigation Guide

This document is intended to provide guidance to investigators carrying out investigations within the complex health directorate. It does not apply to systemic investigations.

Customer care guidance

This document provides guidance for the Customer Care to assist in the provision of good service to customers.

Enquiry and Assessment Manual

The Enquiry and Assessment manual details the steps we take at the first two stages a complaint goes through when we receive it.

Investigation manual

This document is to be used by staff undertaking investigations that are currently operating in the Investigations Directorate. It is intended to provide clear guidance on the considerations that must be made at each of the 5 steps set out in the Investigations Directorate Investigation Process document.

Unreasonable behaviour policy

We are committed to dealing with all people fairly and impartially and to providing a high-quality service. However, we do not expect our staff to tolerate behaviour that is abusive, offensive or threatening, or which makes it difficult for us to consider complaints. This policy explains how we will manage such behaviour.

Service delivery

Security policy

This document sets out the Policy from which all security controls, procedures, advice and education are drawn; sets out how the Office manages security; and who is responsible for delivering the policy.