We have a variety of policies and procedures covering our casework, employment and recruitment, service delivery and records management.

Information with the symbol offline next to it isn’t available on our website. You can get a copy of it by emailing foi.officer@ombudsman.org.uk. We will aim to send you the information by the latest within five working days.

We do not charge for any of the information that falls within our publication scheme.


Casework Policy and Guidance

The Ombudsman’s delegation scheme

Our casework quality framework

Employment policies

Capability policy

Conflict of interest policy

Dignity at work policy

Disciplinary policy

Employee data protection policy

Equality and diversity in employment policy

Family leave policy

Flexible working policy

Grievance policy

Health and Safety policy

Healthy workforce policy

Job evaluation policy

Learning and development policy

Leave and working hours policy

Pay flexibility policy

Performance and development review system

Probation policy

Recruitment and appointments policy

Relocation policy

Single pay policy

Whistle blowing policy

Information and Records Management

Information Asset Register

This register lists the type of information we hold and includes the officers charged with ownership as well as the systems used to manage this information.

Records Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the effective management of PHSO’s corporate recorded information (‘records’) in accordance with all statutory and business requirements.

Access to information policy

This policy sets out PHSO’s responsibility to ensure that requests for access to information held by PHSO are identified and responded to appropriately.

Service delivery

Business Continuity policy

Clear desk policy

Email policy

Fraud policy

ICT acceptable use policy

Publication retention and disposal policy

Security policy