Our resource accounts, strategies and plans as well as other financial information

These documents will tell you more about our actual and projected income and expenditure, our pay structures, contracts and procurements. We expect high standards of our staff when dealing with financial matters and these are set out in the Codes on finance, procurement and travel and subsistence.

Live adverts for tenders in accordance with EU rules can be accessed through the Tenders Electronic Daily supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union.

Information with the symbol offline next to it isn’t available on our website. You can get a copy of it by emailing foi.officer@ombudsman.org.uk. We will aim to send you the information by the latest within five working days.

We do not charge for any of the information that falls within our publication scheme.

Corporate Business Plan

In addition to the Annual Report, the Ombudsman also publishes her Strategic Plan and Corporate Business Plan

List of contracts over £20,000

This document lists all contracts agreed in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 fiscal years that are valued over £20,000.

Procurement guide

The guide includes guidance on governance, compliance and authorisation procedures and is primarily aimed at those involved in or who manage the procurement process.

Resource Accounts

The Ombudsman’s Annual Report and Resource Accounts are laid before Parliament each year.