Our commitment to promoting equality and diversity in the office and to our customers.

We  aim to be excellent in promoting equality and valuing diversity in the way we deliver our services and manage our employees. We strive to be inclusive through respecting one another, promoting and achieving equality of opportunity, valuing diversity, and providing an accessible, responsive service to our customers.

A more detailed picture of what we are seeking to achieve is set out in our  Equality and Diversity Strategy 2011-15.  The Strategy includes our equality objectives for this period, and each year we will include actions in our Business Plan to help us make progress towards achieving:

  • An understanding of the different needs of our customers so that we are able to provide an accessible and responsive service to all who need it;
  • A workforce that includes a diverse range of people at all levels, reflecting the community we serve and the working populations around our sites;
  • An open and inclusive culture within PHSO;
  • A good reputation for understanding and managing equality and diversity effectively.

What does Equality & Diversity mean to us at PHSO?

E&D at PHSOEquality is about treating people fairly and equally. People with the same needs should be treated equally, regardless of their appearance, beliefs, age, background or lifestyle.

Diversity is about recognising that there are differences between people and taking these into account when we relate to them. It is about not treating everyone as if they were the same, or expecting everyone to react to situations in the same way. It is about learning to recognise that people are different and working to overcome our own personal preferences and prejudices to make sure that everyone’s views are heard and taken into account, and that everyone is treated appropriately.

We are committed to providing equality of opportunity for our staff, customers and other people that we work with, to meeting the needs of the diverse community that we serve, and to creating a work culture which values diversity, inclusiveness and respect.

What equality information do we collect and publish?

Elderly ladyIn order to understand our customers and check that we are providing an accessible and responsive service, we collect information from the customer satisfaction survey and analyse this for patterns and any gaps.

The information includes statistics on customers who respond to our confidential satisfaction survey in terms of age, gender, race, disability, and socio-economic grouping. We do not currently collect or publish information on other protected characteristics as the numbers responding would be too small to be able to do any meaningful analysis.

To find out more about the information we do collect, visit the Research section of our site.

We also collect, and hold confidentially, information on our staff in order to do statistical checks that we are achieving our aim of having a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we service and the working populations around our two office sites in London and Manchester. We review the staff in post figures every 3 months. View the latest report here.

What are we doing to achieve our objectives?

brailleIn October 2011 we undertook a wide review of progress with achieving our Equality & Diversity objectives and the results of this in-house assessment have helped us to decide what actions need to be included in our 2012-13 Business Plans. We have also had an audit undertaken by external experts.

As a result of these reviews, our equality and diversity priorities during this business year are as follows:

  • improving the accessibility of our service;
  • identifying and responding to equality and human rights issues in our casework;
  • delivering a development programme to build ‘disability confidence’ in our managers and staff programme; and
  • improving diversity in management roles.

To monitor our success, we will also be putting in place appropriate Equality & Diversity measures.