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We are committed to making our website accessible to all of our visitors. We aim to meet the "triple-A" level of accessibility under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelinesexternal link opens in new window published by the World Wide Web Consortium.


If you find that the text on our site appears either too large or too small, you can adjust it through your web browser controls.

You can change text size using your browser.

  • In Internet Explorer, go to 'view', 'text size'. Select the text size you require.
  • In Firefox, go to 'view', 'text size'. You can increase or decrease the text size as required.
  • In Safari, hold down the command key (Apple key) and select '+' to increase the text size or '-' to decrease the text size.
  • In Google Chrome hold down 'Ctrl' and then '+' to zoom in or 'Ctrl' and '-' to zoom out.

Browser compatibility

Our site is built to work with up to date versions of all popular web browsers.

Downloading files

Many publications are available for you to download from our site for future viewing and printing.

PDF files PDF document

To view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files, you need the free Adobe Reader software. If you don't have Adobe Reader already, you can download it from external link opens in new window. Follow the link titled 'Get Adobe Reader'.

All our PDF files should work with version 7.0 of Adobe Acrobat Reader and newer.

We aim to provide alternative formats for all our content where practicable and necessary. If you require content in another format such as Easy Read or large print, please email

Adobe also provide advice for visually impaired users at link opens in new window

Word files  Word document

You can view and print Microsoft Word files from Microsoft Word itself or several other word processing packages. Microsoft offer the free Microsoft Word Viewer as a download for Windows users that don't have a suitable word processor. The viewer is available from the Office section of link opens in new window

External Links external link opens in new window

Links to other sites outside the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman website will open in a new window and will be denoted with the following icon - external link opens in new window.


How to access the Youtube subtitlesMost of our videos on this site are provided with transcripts where possible and use YouTube's subtitling features. To turn the accessibility options on or off, or to modify the settings for subtitles click on the subtitles icon shown second from the left in the picture and choose settings if you want to change the type, size, colour or background of the subtitles.

Further help using this site

If you have any difficulties using our website – or have any suggestions for improvements – please email the