By law the Ombudsman cannot look into complaints about privately-funded healthcare services.

The  Ombudsman can look at complaints about NHS-funded healthcare services provided  in a private hospital.  The Ombudsman can also look at complaints about  any NHS-funded healthcare services which are given to privately-funded patients  in an NHS hospital. If you think your treatment falls into this category you  will need to complete the NHS complaints procedure before the Ombudsman will  look at your complaint.  Alternatively, contact us for more information.

If  you have a complaint only about privately-funded healthcare services, you will  need to complain to the healthcare provider directly in the first instance.

Once  you have a response to your complaint, you may have the option of going to the  Independent Healthcare Advisory Service which represents some independent  healthcare providers. They have a Complaints Code of Practice which includes an  independent adjudication service. You can find out whether the organisation you  have a complaint about is a member and access their complaint forms here- in new window

Alternatively,  if your complaint is about privately funded Dental or Optical Treatment, you  can contact the Dental Complaints Service or the Optical Consumer Complaints Service who may be able to help.