Other Ombudsmen

Other complaint-handling bodies

Advocacy services

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For more detailed information about the Ombudsmen and other complaint-handling bodies listed below, please visit the British and Irish Ombudsman Association (BIOA) website.

Other Ombudsmen

Ombudsmen  are an independent and impartial means of resolving certain disputes outside  the courts. They cover various public and private bodies and normally look into  matters after a complaint has been made to the relevant body.  The organisations listed below are recognised  by the British and Irish Ombudsman Association (BIOA) as Ombudsmen  schemes (although the word 'Ombudsman' is not always included in the title).

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Other  complaint handling bodies

The  organisations listed below are Associate Members of the British and Irish  Ombudsman Association (BIOA).  They  are not Ombudsman schemes but are recognised by BIOA as having expertise in complaint handling.

 Advocacy  Services

Advice Services