We can look at complaints about:

  • Departments of the UK Government; or
  • The National Health Service in England; or
  • A range of other public organisations; or
  • Any other person or organisation acting on behalf of such public or NHS organisations.

Not every public organisation is within our remit. For example, we cannot look at complaints about:

  • Local councils, the police (except in relation to complaints under the Victims' Code), judges, or nationalised industries; or
  • Public organisations responsible to the Scottish Parliament, to the National Assembly of Wales, or to the Northern Ireland Assembly; or
  • The National Health Service outside England; or
  • Members of Parliament or the Parliamentary authorities; or
  • Private sector organisations (unless they are acting on behalf of a public organisation within our remit).

The list of individual public organisations within our remit can be viewed here. Members of the public can also make use of an interactive tool to help them identify whether their complaint is about an organisation within the our jurisdiction. In addition, we have published a list of organisations that may be able to help where the complaint is about an organisation that is not within our remit.

Tips on complaining BSL

Watch our short film: Tips on making a complaint to the NHS (BSL)

We've put together a short film to provide some tips on how to make a complaint to the NHS in England. You can watch it on our YouTube channel.

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