Listed here are our reports about NHS in England.

Learning from mistakes
19 July 2016

An investigation report by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman into how the NHS failed to properly investigate the death of a three-year old child

A report of investigations into unsafe discharge from hospital
11 May 2016

This report focuses on nine experiences drawn from recent complaints we have investigated, which best illustrate the problems we are seeing with regards to unsafe discharge from hospital.

An opportunity to improve
18 March 2016

We have pooled evidence from our casework with intelligence gathered by the Care Quality Commission, NHS England and Healthwatch England to review how well GP practices in England are handling concerns and complaints when things go wrong.

Breaking down the barriers
30 December 2015

When it comes to complaining about poor care, evidence we have gathered for this report shows that older people are often reluctant to speak up or simply don’t know how to.

Quarterly reports on complaints about acute trusts
23 December 2015

This section contains statistics on the complaints we have received about acute trusts in England.

A review into the quality of NHS complaints investigations where serious or avoidable harm has been alleged
08 December 2015

This report explains the findings of our research, highlights the issues we have identified, and sets out the action we believe needs to be taken to improve the quality of NHS investigations.

Complaints about acute trusts 2014-15
22 September 2015

This report provides a summary of the key statistics that we collect about the enquiries received and the investigations undertaken, which involve acute trusts in England.

Complaints about health organisations for the year 2014-15
22 September 2015

On this page you will find the data we hold on complaints about all health organisations for the year 2014-15.

Vulnerable woman who had both legs amputated wrongly forced to fund her own care, receives £27,000, following joint investigation by two ombudsmen
20 May 2015

A vulnerable woman, who was wrongly denied the appropriate care after having both her legs amputated, has now received more than £27,000 following an investigation by two ombudsmen services.