Complainant feedback survey 2015-16

Between April 2015 and March 2016 we asked an independent research organisation to survey a sample of people who had brought a complaint to us, to tell us about their experience of using our service.

You can read the results of this survey here.

We used an independent research organisation, IFF Research, to do the survey. IFF Research surveyed people 3-8 weeks after their contact with us had finished. A total of 2,158 people who had used our service were surveyed: 902 people whose complaints we had investigated, and 1,256 people whose contact with us did not result in an investigation.

Where appropriate, in our report, we have compared the findings of the 2014-15 and 2013-14 surveys. The results show that overall levels of satisfaction have remained broadly similar for the last three years.

The report highlights those areas of our service where our complainants tell us we are doing things well, as well as showing those areas where we can improve. Within the report we also provide information about the changes we have made to our service in response to feedback we received. For instance, we have recently produced a series of straightforward guides that explain our role and our complaint handling process. This was in direct response to feedback that showed how some complainants struggled to understand our role.

In summer 2016, we updated our approach to capturing feedback. This was so we could better measure our performance in relation to the specific commitments we make in our Service Charter. Our new approach also means that we’ll be asking people to feed back to us on their experience of our service in ‘real time’, rather than surveying them some time after we have finished dealing with their complaint. This means we’ll be getting a much more accurate picture of how well we’re currently meeting expectations.

If you have any questions about this research, please get in touch with our research team: