Quality Standards

Our Quality Standards measure the quality of our casework decisions.

They ensure we take a consistent and robust approach to assuring quality and are benchmarked against:

We map our Quality Standards scores to our Service Charter scores. This means we are able to compare our quality scores with feedback from complainants and organisations we investigate. By analysing the differences between scores, we can identify areas that require improvement.

Our Quality Standards

  1. We take equal consideration of complainants’ and organisations we investigate’s accounts, statements and evidence.
  2. We evaluate all available evidence to make an impartial decision.
  3. We apply an appropriate standard when deciding if something went wrong.
  4. We explain how the clinical advice we have sought has been applied to the complaint.
  5. We provide clear rationales for our decisions.
  6. Our reports and decision letters contain an appropriate level of empathy.     

Quality Standards scores

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