Stakeholder feedback

Every year for the last four years, we have carried out research with our stakeholders – the people and organisations we work with. This research helps us understand what they think about our organisation, our communications and how we can improve the way we work with them. 

We conduct research with ten groups of stakeholders:
1.    Complainants 
2.    General public
3.    Organisations we investigate
4.    MPs
5.    Advocacy groups and charities
6.    Regulators and non-departmental public bodies
7.    Protection and membership organisations
8.    Government departments and agencies
9.    Ombudsmen
10.  Academic, policy and other organisations

Our most recent stakeholder research project was focused on MPs. We conducted a questionnaire from November to December 2017 and received 103 responses. 

The findings highlighted that 63% of MPs were familiar with our role, and that 95% have either a neutral or positive perception of the Ombudsman. 

We’re keen to improve on this and will continue our programme of engagement activities so that more MPs become aware of our role. 

If you have any queries about our stakeholder activities or public affairs plans for 2018-19, please contact our Public Affairs Team

Below you will find links to our four annual stakeholder survey reports: