Performance against our Service Charter 2016-17 Quarter 3 (October-December 2016)

What the results tell us

It is difficult to draw conclusions from a single three month period of data, but early indications are that we could provide better advice to complainants about where they can get help when we are unable to look at their complaint.

We will be looking at the common types of complaints we receive that we cannot help with, so that we can make sure we provide better information to our staff to convey.

We should also do more to communicate with complainants about what information we are gathering during our investigations and discuss what this information is telling us.

The proportion of complainants who agree staff treated them with courtesy and respect is encouraging, but the results confirm that we have taken too long to resolve cases.

We could also do more to direct complainants to advocacy services and improve the accessibility of our services.

A range of activities are underway within the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to improve our service delivery. We will publish information about our performance every quarter to show if there have been improvements.

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