Report of a review into PHSO’s handling of Mr Nic Hart’s case from August 2014 to December 2017

9 January 2020

This report sets out the findings of our review into the way we handled Mr Nic Hart’s complaint about the NHS care and treatment of his daughter, and subsequent investigation.

The review covers the period from when we received the complaint in August 2014 up to the publication of our investigation report in December 2017.  

This report makes clear there were a number of failings in the way we handled Mr Hart’s complaint. We have apologised to Mr Hart for the fact that the investigation took much longer than it should have, and for the difficulties and stress this caused him and his family.

The review found that since we concluded Mr Hart’s complaint, we have made significant improvements in our approach to handling complaints, drawing on lessons learned from this case. In each area where failings have been identified, we have either made or are making improvements to help make sure we will not make the same mistakes again. 

We have shared this report with Mr Hart and with the committee of MPs that holds us to account on behalf of Parliament, the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC). 

You can download the report of the review, Rob Behrens' letter to PACAC and our report on NHS failings in eating disorder services below.