What we have done since pausing complaints about the communication of women’s state pension age

We have received enquiries about what we have done since our statement in December 2018, announcing that we would pause complaints received about changes to women’s state pension age, and any new complaints, until we have considered the outcome of a forthcoming judicial review on similar and related issues.  

In December and subsequently, we have provided the same information about the status of current complaints and how we will manage new complaints, in the following ways:

  • We wrote to all those who have made a complaint to us to let them know we were pausing their complaints.   
  • We published information on our website for complainants, MPs and the media.
  • We provided information to MPs and the media directly.
  • We contacted campaign groups representing women affected by the changes in state pension age with the information published on our website and offered to provide greater clarity, if required. One group took up our offer. We only discussed information that is in the public domain and available to everyone via our website with them.   

We are continuing to respond to enquiries from current complainants and accept new complaints about communication of changes in state pension age, and associated issues.

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