2019 staff survey

Here you can find the results of our 2019 staff engagement survey.

Download the 2019 staff survey results presentation (PDF 557KB).

The annual staff survey is an opportunity for employees to say how they feel about working at the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. The 2019 survey took place as part of the Civil Service People Survey. This allows us to compare our results with those of other public service organisations.

Around 75% of our workforce took part in the October 2019 survey, offering their feedback on a range of topics including:

  • management and leadership
  • change in the organisation
  • learning and development
  • the working environment
  • overall engagement with the organisation.

2019 was another big year of change for the organisation, with a number of significant ICT transformation projects being delivered and a new pay and grading structure introduced.

Despite this, our overall staff engagement score remained above the average for Civil Service organisations at 65%. The score was two percentage points lower than last year, which may reflect the fact that the new pay and grading structure had not been agreed at the time of the survey.

Making a difference

While the survey results highlight successes that we want to build on, there are some areas where further work is needed. These include career development, supporting people through change and improving technology.

We also saw some variation in scores for individual departments within the organisation.

We are involving colleagues across the organisation as we address these themes and continue to build on our strengths.