If you are blind or can't see very well

Text size

You can make the text larger using your browser.

  • In Google Chrome hold down 'Ctrl' and then '+' to zoom in or 'Ctrl' and '-' to zoom out.

  • In Internet Explorer, go to 'view', 'text size'. Select the text size you want.

  • In Safari, hold down the command key (Apple key) and select '+' to make the text larger or '-' to make it smaller.

  • In Firefox, go to 'view', 'text size'. You can make the text size larger or smaller.

Browsealoud logo

Or you can use BrowseAloud's settings.


We follow web accessibility standards to make sure that there is enough contrast in the colours we use for text on our site.


You can change the text colour and background in BrowseAloud with a choice of four options:

  • Blue text on yellow
  • White text on black
  • Dark blue on light blue
  • Dark blue on sepia

There are also five size options for magnifying text from large to 4XL (four times extra large).

Reading web pages out loud

You can also use BrowseAloud's 'Hover to speak' button to read the page out loud for you. Find out more about BrowseAloud.

Large print

Here are some of our main documents in large print. If you can't find what you want, please email us publications@ombudsman.org.uk.

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