NHS Complaint Standards: Summary of expectations

About the NHS Complaint Standards 

The Standards are being tested in pilot sites in 2021 and will be refined and introduced across the NHS in 2022.

The NHS Complaint Standards set out how organisations providing NHS services should approach complaint handling. They apply to NHS organisations in England and independent healthcare providers who deliver NHS-funded care.

The Standards aim to support organisations in providing a quicker, simpler and more streamlined complaint handling service, with a strong focus on early resolution by empowered and well-trained staff.

They also place a strong emphasis on senior leaders regularly reviewing what learning can be taken from complaints, and how this learning should be used to improve services.

The Complaint Standards are based on My Expectations, which set out what patients expect to see when they make a complaint about health or social care services. The Standards and the guidance modules describe how staff can meet those expectations. 

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