​Justice for a community facing relocation

How our casework makes a difference : justice for a community facing relocation banner image

Our report set out how HS2 Ltd failed to respond fully and promptly to a community of six families who faced break-up under Government plans for the new high speed rail network.

The group of families had engaged constructively with HS2 Ltd from the beginning and had made alternative proposals based on the planned rail route. HS2 Ltd’s failings in dealing with the group made a stressful situation worse for them, causing inconvenience and frustration which had a significant impact on their family life, jobs, careers and health.

Our report has made a real difference to how HS2 Ltd now works with residents, including improvements to its community forum process. On our recommendation HS2 Ltd appointed an independent person to review its communication with residents and its complaint handling. HS2 Ltd has since taken a number of positive actions in response to these findings. Parliament’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee has also taken up our report with a follow-up inquiry to make sure that HS2 Ltd learns from its mistakes and makes real improvements to the way it communicates and engages with those affected by the proposed new high speed rail network.

Read the full report: Report of the results of an investigation into complaints about High Speed Two Ltd