Complaint forms

Important information about the impact of coronavirus on NHS complaints

Coronavirus is putting enormous pressure on the NHS. This means that NHS organisations are less able to respond to queries and provide us with information. 

Having considered the situation carefully, we have decided that we should not place additional burdens on the health service during a time of national emergency. From 26 March 2020 we will not be accepting any new health complaints.

We will keep the situation under close review and will resume our consideration of health complaints as soon as possible.

Read our latest Coronavirus update.

You may wish to complete your complaint form now and send it to us when we are able to accept new complaints. In this case, you can download a form below.

Before you download a complaint form

Please make sure that we are the right organisation to look at your complaint and that it is ready for us. If you are not sure, our complaint checker tool 'Can we look into your complaint?' will help you. It only takes a few minutes.

There is more information on our site about what we can help with and where to go if we can't help. If you are still not sure, please call us on 0345 015 4033.

You can also find out what sort of information we ask you for on our complaint form.

Complaint form for NHS services in England

Complaint form for UK government services

Please download one of the forms below, fill it in and ask an MP to sign it and send it to us. You can find your MP here.