Quarterly reports on complaints about NHS organisations

Every quarter we publish reports about complaints we have received about NHS organisations in England.

Our 2015-17 quarterly reports only contain data on acute trusts.

Our reports from 2018 onwards provide data on all health organisations we receive complaints about.

They include statistics on:

  • the total number of initial complaints we have received about health organisations
  • the number of these complaints that we accepted for investigation
  • the outcome of our investigations.

The reports may be of interest to:

  • healthcare practitioners and managers
  • patients
  • stakeholders
  • policy officials
  • commissioners
  • members of the public.

We will develop the format and content of the reports as more data becomes available.  We also invite feedback on these reports so we can continuously improve and make them more useful. Please email your feedback to ++ResearchTeam@ombudsman.org.uk

We are making this information available as part of objective 2 of our three-year strategy to increase the transparency and impact of our casework, and to publish more information about our casework online.

2019 to 2020 

Complaints about the NHS in England: April to June 2020

2018 to 2019

Complaints about the NHS in England: January to March 2019

Complaints about the NHS in England: September to December 2018

Complaints about the NHS in England: July to September 2018

Complaints about the NHS in England: April to June 2018

2016 to 2017

Complaints about acute trusts: April to September 2016

2015 to 2016

Complaints about acute trusts: January to March 2016

Complaints about acute trusts: October to December 2015

Complaints about acute trusts: July to September 2015

Complaints about acute trusts: April to June 2015