Quarterly reports on complaints about NHS organisations

Please note: We are not currently publishing quarterly health statistics reports about NHS organisations.

This page contains statistics on the complaints we have received about NHS trusts in England.

Before coming to us with a complaint, people should give the organisation they are complaining about the opportunity to respond to the complaint and put things right. People can come to us if they remain unhappy once the Trust has tried to resolve their complaint.

We update this section every quarter with information we hold on the complaints we receive about acute trusts. The data files that are available to download include statistics on the following:

  • Total number of initial complaints we have received about each acute trust;
  • The number of these complaints that we accepted for investigation;
  • The outcome of our investigations.

As well as containing information by acute trust for the most recent quarter, the data files also contain information for the preceding four quarters. We hope this will allow users to quickly see trends in complaints information for each acute trust.

We are making this information available as part of our commitment to increase the timeliness and quality of the complaints data that we provide. This information may be of interest to health-care practitioners and managers, patients, stakeholders, policy officials, commissioners and members of the public.


Complaints about acute trusts - April to September 2016


Complaints about acute trusts - January to March 2016

Complaints about acute trusts - October to December 2015

Complaints about acute trusts - July to September 2015

Complaints about acute trusts - April to June 2015


Complaints about health organisations for 2014-15


Complaints about acute trusts 2013-14 and from April to September 2014-15