Complaints about acute trusts 2013-14 and April to September 2014-15

We regularly publish complaints information about NHS organisations. This data enables organisations to examine how they are performing relative to others.

On this page you will find the most recent report we have produced on the complaints we received about acute trusts in England over the period 2013-14 and the first two quarters of 2014-15. For each acute trust, it shows the number of enquiries we have received, the number of investigations we have undertaken and the outcomes of those investigations.

In addition to our own complaints data, we have also included some contextual information to help people interpret the data. This includes the overall number of written complaints received by each acute trust in 2013-14 and the hospital activity data submitted by each trust over the course of 2013-14 and Q1 and Q2 2014-15. We have included this information to put our data in context and to allow trusts to see how they compare to other similar trusts.

This report will form the first of a series of regular publications outlining the insight we have drawn from our complaints data, broken down by trust. We hope that boards will use this information to identify themes and recurring problems and take action.

We have also provided statistics on the complaints we received about other NHS organisations, including clinical commissioning groups. This information relates to the period 2013-14 only.