2017 staff survey

Here you can find the results of our 2017 staff engagement survey.

Download the 2017 staff survey results presentation (PDF 1MB).

The survey ran in October 2017 and was designed to measure how staff feel about working at the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. It tracks progress since our last survey in 2016 and allows comparison with the latest Civil Service People Survey.

It covers a range of topics including staff’s views across the organisation on issues such as management and leadership, learning and development, working environment and overall engagement.

A total of 325 staff took part in the survey – 78% of our workforce. Our overall staff engagement score has increased to 60%, up from 52% last year, and is broadly in line with the Civil Service average of 61%.


We have started to see the impact of some of the things we are doing differently: 

  • 64% of staff feel that leadership are visible compared to 19% in 2016,
  • 59% of staff feel valued for the work they do compared to 34% in 2016 and
  • 54% say they have the opportunity to contribute their views before decisions are made compared to 19% in 2016.

Positive results

There have been some positive results including: 

  • 94% of staff say they are interested in their work, 
  • 92% of staff say they have the skills they need to do their job effectively and 
  • 86% say they are treated with respect by the people they work with.

These results reflect efforts to improve how we work across the organisation.

Areas for improvement

But we recognise there is more to be done and that the results of the survey also show low scores in some areas. 

We know our staff want greater improvement of how we manage change, in particular the role of senior managers in this. As a result we are focusing on embedding the discipline of effective project management across all our work. 

Our staff rightly expect everyone to ‘walk the talk’ and consistently act in line with our values. An immediate priority for us is to develop a shared set of values so that it is clear how we expect everyone to behave. 

We have zero tolerance of bullying and harassment. We will work with staff to make sure that everyone has a shared understanding of what we mean by discrimination, bullying and harassment and the policies and processes for reporting are clear and accessible.

The survey has highlighted that staff with disabilities, impairments and health conditions find it difficult to use our technology and systems. We are working with staff to quickly resolve this and ensure our technology is accessible for everyone.

It is clear that we are moving in the right direction but there is still work to be done. Change won’t happen overnight but we are committed to continuous improvement through listening to our staff.