How we are performing

We publish a range of information about our work, much of which is scrutinised by Parliament. 

Annual reports

Our annual reports give details of our performance over the past 12 months, including financial reports and statistical information about the complaints we receive.

Quarterly performance statistics

We also publish information about the number of enquiries, assessments and investigations we handle.

Performance against our Service Charter

Our quarterly dashboard reports show how we are performing against the quality standards in our Service Charter, and help us understand where we need to improve.

Stakeholder feedback

Every year for the last three years, we have carried out research with our stakeholders – the people and organisations we work with. The purpose of this research has been to understand what they think about our organisation, our communications and how we can improve the way we work with them. 

You can read our research findings here.

Complainant feedback

You can see the findings of our complainant feedback surveys here.

Or give us your feedback.

Staff surveys

You can see the results of our recent staff surveys here.