2015 staff survey

The survey was designed to measure how staff feel about working at the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, its management and leadership, learning and development, and working environment.

Download the PDF of the survey.

The survey was undertaken across July and August this year. A total 388 staff were able to take part, which represents 80% of all our employees.

We want to make sure the results of the survey are used to improve the working environment for our staff.  Following the survey we identified a number of key themes for development that sit across the whole organisation, and whose improvement should have a positive impact for all staff. These themes are as follows:

  • leadership
  • change and involvement
  • feeling valued
  • job satisfaction and development.

We have set up project teams to bring together staff from across the organisation so we can identify the actions we can take that will lead to improvements in each of these areas. Every single member of staff will also have the opportunity to contribute their own ideas, using our intranet and via their line managers. Once this is done, these actions will then be shared with the whole organisation and a senior member of staff will be given responsibility for implementing these actions.

Individual directorates will also be working among themselves to identify and respond to feedback from the survey that specific to their particular area of the organisation.

As well as monitoring our progress implementing each of these actions, we will also be asking all staff to share their thoughts on the progress we are making, once these actions have had a chance to have an impact. This will allow us to measure the progress towards these key themes. This will be a transparent process, with all staff being kept updated on the progress being made.