2018 Staff survey

Here you can find the results of our 2018 staff engagement survey.

Download the 2018 staff survey results presentation (PDF 1.4MB).

The survey ran in October 2018 and is an annual opportunity for employees to say about how they feel about working at the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. This year, we participated in the Civil Service People Survey for the first time, enabling us to compare our results to those of other public service organisations.

The content of the 2018 survey is very similar to previous years. This means that, for many of the questions that were included, we can see what progress we have made since the 2017 survey.

We asked for feedback on a range of topics, including people’s views on subjects such as:

  • management and leadership
  • change in the organisation
  • learning and development
  • the working environment
  • overall engagement with the organisation.

357 employees took part in the survey, which is around 80% of our workforce. Our overall staff engagement score has increased to 67%, up from 60% last year. This is now above the average for Civil Service organisations.

Much to be proud of

Our 2018 staff engagement survey results show that we are making good progress as an organisation. We have improved in most areas of the survey in comparison to previous years, indicating that we are starting to see the benefits of the work we’ve all been putting in to transform our organisation and culture.

  • 47 out of 51 comparable questions showed improvements.
  • 90% of colleagues say that they have a clear understanding of the organisation's objectives.
  • We achieved an 81% overall score for the inclusion and fair treatment section of the survey.

Making a difference

While many scores have improved significantly compared to previous years, we did see some variation in scores for individual departments within the organisation, particularly on the topics of leadership, change management and learning & development. The survey also tells us that employees want to be trusted more, be empowered and supported to develop and grow within the organisation and beyond.

We are involving colleagues across the organisation in addressing themes from the survey and in building on the good work we have been doing on our journey to becoming an exemplary Ombudsman service.

While we have more work to do in some areas, overall the 2018 staff engagement survey results give us much to be proud of.