Performance against our Service Charter 2019/20 Quarter 1 (April to June)

Following an open and fair process


Quarter 1 (April-June 2019)

Change from Quarter 4
  Complainant feedback Organisations we Investigate feedback Complainant feedback Organisations we Investigate feedback
5. We will listen to you to make sure we understand your complaint 74% 82% -2% -
6. We will explain the specific concerns we will be looking into 86% 90% -5% -
7. We will explain how we will do our work 71% 94% -9% -
8. We will gather all the information we need, including from you and the organisation you have complained about before we make our decision 48% 88% -5% -
9. We will share facts with you, and discuss with you what we are seeing 71% 88% +1% -
10. We will evaluate the information we've gathered and make an impartial decision on your complaint - - - -
11. We will explain our decision and recommendations, and how we reached them 53% 90% No change -
67% 89% -4% -


What the results tell us

Complainant feedback scores reduced overall this quarter. We are considering the possible reasons for this and how we can improve. Complainant satisfaction improved in how we share emerging facts with the parties.

The feedback from organisations highlights differences in experience between those who regularly handle Ombudsman complaints in their organisation and those who do not.Those with more experience have a better understanding of how we work and how we make  decisions. 

Complainant satisfaction for whether we gathered all information we need is lower than we wouldwant.This is a priority for us to improve. We continue to support staff to do this through training and guidance. The higher scores from organisations for this Commitment may be affected by the fact we often seek comprhensive written records of what happened to compare with the complainants account before making a decision.