UK Central Government Complaint Standards Easy Read

Ideas about the rules government organisations should follow when they look at a complaint.

Read about the UK Government Complaint Standards here or download the Easy Read Complaint Standards (PDF 846.71KB)

About Complaint Standards

All government organisations must have a policy that says what they will do when someone makes a complaint.

Government organisations look after service like transport, housing, health, education and jobs.


A policy is a list of rules. It tells staff what they must do.

A complaint is when you tell an organisation or service you are unhappy about something that has happened.

The Complaint Standards are the important things an organisations should put in their policy.


All organisations must use the Complaint Standards to help write their policy.

This means all government organisations will handle complaints in a similar way.

This page tells you what we think should be included in the Standards.

We would like you to read our ideas and tell us what you think. We have a questionnaire that goes with these Standards.