Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-2024

Pillar three: Access to our service

We know that large sections of our communities do not bring complaints to us, despite suffering failings and injustices when using public services. We need to develop our knowledge and understanding of why there are individuals who are unable to or reluctant to bring a complaint to us.

Where people do bring complaints, we must make sure that our service is adaptable to meet their needs so that they can fully engage with us.


We will better understand the requirements of complainants from diverse communities. Our service will identify those with specific requirements at the outset, so that these can be properly accommodated. The data we collect will give us a deeper insight into who brings complaints to us, so we can understand and respond to any barriers to using our service.


  1. Activity: Consider how we develop management information capability to allow the collection of demographic data for those bringing complaints to us. Year: 2020
  2. Activity: Analyse demographic data of current complainants to understand barriers to engagement though different aspects of our service. For example, complaint form, guidance, website, communication (letters/phone/email/reports). Year: 2020
  3. Activity: In conjunction with the end-to-end service review, engage with external audiences to understand their views on barriers to access and understand who might not bring complaints to us and why. For example, complainants, charities and advocacy services. Year: 2021
  4. Activity: Following data collection and in conjunction with the Corporate Strategy 2021–2024, review findings and develop an action plan. Year: 2020-2024
  5. Activity: Review data on all declared disabilities and reasonable adjustments captured through our casework management system. This will help us understand the barriers complainants experience and inform any changes we might make in line with our Public Sector Equality Duty. Report to Diversity Steering Group on a biannual basis. Year: 2020-2024
  6. Activity: Share insight through regular casework communications and through our website to keep complainants updated on how we have adjusted our service to remove barriers. Year: 2020-2024