Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-2024

Pillar two: Representation

A diverse and inclusive workforce is essential. More diverse teams make better decisions, deliver better results and are better engaged. A diverse workforce reflects the communities that we serve. It allows us to better understand the experiences of individuals who bring complaints to us and provide them with a service that better meets their requirements.

Diverse role models at senior levels in organisations show those aspiring to leadership roles that opportunities exist to progress. While we have a gender diverse leadership in PHSO, there is much more for us to do to ensure wider diversity at senior levels.


We will improve diversity in management and leadership roles by changing the way we recruit and making sure development opportunities encourage diverse progression.


  1. Activity: Collect regular data to understand the demographic of our workforce at all levels in order to drive change. Year: 2020-2024
  2. Activity: Conduct cultural audits of each area/team to understand the experience of culture in the organisation as a whole and area/team to drive change where needed. Year: 2020-2021
  3. Activity: Improve structured support for those taking extended leave away from their roles including delivery of maternity/shared parental leave coaching. Year: 2020
  4. Activity: Monitor and report by diversity characteristics to the Diversity Steering Group on a bi-yearly basis of participation in all learning and development programmes and project team members as approved by managers. To ensure consistency in decision-making and fair opportunity to develop skills and competencies. Year: 2020-2024
  5. Activity: Implement a recruitment system that allows anonymisation of personal characteristics including name. Year: 2020-2021
  6. Activity: Ensure that the external presentation of the organisation represents diversity. Year: 2020-2024