Performance against our Service Charter 2018/19 Quarter 3 (October to December)

Giving you a good service


Quarter 3 (October - December 2018)

Change from Quarter 2
  Casework process assurance Complainant feedback Casework process assurance Complainant feedback
12. We will treat you with courtesy and respect - 89% - -2%
13. We will give you a final decision on your complaint as soon as we can 53% 52% -4% +4%
14. We will make sure our service is easily accessible to you and give you support and help if you need it 98% 63% +2% -5%
Overall section score 76% 68% -1% -1%

What the results tell us

Complainants’ satisfaction with the time it takes us to provide a decision has improved this quarter. However, overall there was a slight decrease in scores for this section of our Charter in this quarter so we will continue to monitor them closely.