Performance against our Service Charter 2016-17 Quarter 4 (January to March 2017)

Giving you a good service



2016-17 Quarter 4


Change from Quarter 3
  Casework process assurance Complainant feedback Casework process assurance Complainant feedback
12. We will treat you with courtesy and respect - 89% - -
13. We will give you a final decision on your complaint as soon as we can 86% 53% - -4%
14. We will make sure our service is easily accessible to you and give you support and help if you need it 100% 60% - -2%
Overall section score 93% 67%* - -3%


* This score has been corrected. We originally published an overall section score of 89% but the correct figure is 67%.

What the results tell us

We continue to score highly for staff professionalism and courtesy. However, these results show that people feel we have taken too long to resolve cases. We are changing the way we work to speed up the time it takes for complainants to get answers, while also demonstrating value for money.