Driven to despair

Annex B: Honorary Medical Advisory Panels Term of Reference 

To contribute to the Department for Transport/DVLA’s primary aim of achieving continued improvements in road safety by: 

  • providing the Secretary of State with informed medical advice in relation to (medical condition) and driving, taking account of available medical data and opinions. Where available information is insufficient, to provide expert judgement on implications of (medical condition) and driving. To inform the Secretary of State of the assumptions and uncertainties underlying the advice; 
  • providing expert informed medical advice on policy options proposed by the Secretary of State; 
  • considering on behalf of the Secretary of State relevant clinical developments published in medical literature and to advise on issues requiring research; and
  • advising the Secretary of State on individual cases relating to (medical condition) and driving, ensuring consistency of standards. Such advice may be requested of individual members outside scheduled meetings for which remuneration will be awarded. 


Source: Code of practice including terms of reference