Performance against our Service Charter 2017/18 Quarter 4 (January to March)

Following an open and fair process


2017-18 Quarter 4


Change from Quarter 3
  Casework process assurance Complainant feedback Casework process assurance Complainant feedback
5. We will listen to you to make sure we understand your complaint 95% 70% -4% -1%
6. We will explain the specific concerns we will be looking into 90% 86% -5% -2%
7. We will explain how we will do our work 90% 71% -2% -5%
8. We will gather all the information we need, including from you and the organisation you have complained about before we make our decision 96% 42% -1% -4%
9. We will share facts with you, and discuss with you what we are seeing 79% 63% -9% -3%
10. We will evaluate the information we've gathered and make an impartial decision on your complaint 98% - -2% -
11. We will explain our decision and recommendations, and how we reached them 95% 57% -2% -3%
92% 64% -3% -4%


What the results tell us

The lower scores against these commitments follow a very strong performance in the previous quarter. However, we need to continue to improve how we gather and use information in making and explaining our decisions. We are monitoring progress closely in all these areas and our ongoing staff training programme will help to ensure we continue to build on the previous improvements.