Performance against our Service Charter 2017/18 Quarter 4 (January to March)

Giving you the information you need


2017-18 Quarter 4


Change from Quarter 3

  Casework process assurance Complainant feedback Casework process assurance Complainant feedback
1. We will explain our role and what we can and cannot do 97% 80% -3% +2%
2. We will explain how we handle complaints and what information we need from you 97% 80% -3% -1%
3. We will direct you to someone who can help with your complaint if we are unable to, where possible 99% 76% +1% No change
4. We will keep you regularly updated on our progress with your complaint 87% 76% -2% No change
Overall section score 95% 78% -2% +1%


What the results tell us

There was minimal change from the last quarter and overall scores remain stable. Complainants’ feedback for explaining our role and how we handle complaints continues to be positive.