Performance against our Service Charter 2018/19 Quarter 2 (July to September)

Giving you a good service


Quarter 2 (July - September 2018)

Change from Quarter 1
  Casework process assurance Complainant feedback Casework process assurance Complainant feedback
12. We will treat you with courtesy and respect - 91% - +3%
13. We will give you a final decision on your complaint as soon as we can 57% 48% -2% -6%
14. We will make sure our service is easily accessible to you and give you support and help if you need it 96% 68% +7% +3%
Overall section score 77% 69% +3% No change

What the results tell us

We continue to score highly for treating complainants with courtesy and respect. The current score is at its highest since the Service Charter began. As expected there was a decline in satisfaction with investigation waiting times following the implementation of our new operating model and staff training programme. We expect this to improve over the course of the year as we see the benefits of these important changes.