December 2014 performance statistics

We completed 276 investigations in December 2014, bringing the total of completed investigations to 2,808 so far this financial year. Over the same period last year we completed 1,047 investigations.

  December 2014 April to December 2014/15 April to December 2013/14
All enquiries received 2,085 20,576 20,888
Assessments: enquiries we take a closer look at 612 5,375 5,075
Ongoing NHS investigations 1,809 1,809 1,526
Ongoing Parliamentary investigations 501 501 444
Total completed health investigations 203 2,248 831
Total completed Parliamentary investigations 73 560 216
Total investigations completed 276 2,808 1,047


We investigate complaints about the NHS in England and UK government departments and their agencies.


Enquiries received are the number of concerns we saw about the NHS in England and UK government departments and their agencies. Many customers come to us seeking advice on where and how to complain and we provide them with that information. Where customers have completed the service provider's complaints process, the enquiry is taken on as a complaint to be assessed.


Assessments are the number of complaints we considered in further detail. Once we have looked at matters such as the length of time since the customer became aware of events and the availability of a legal remedy, complaints will be accepted for investigation if it appears there maybe an outstanding injustice due to service failure or maladministration.